I really enjoy working with kids.  So I developed a fun workshop for children between the ages of three and nine using music and games to discover a number of yoga poses, explore shapes and movement and experiment with various relaxation exercises and breath work.

These classes are intended for kids of all levels of Yoga experience.  Regardless if this is your child’s first time or fiftieth class, there is something for every child. Yoga has wonderful benefits for kids.  The actual poses develop strength, balance and flexibility. The interpretation of the movements and poses encourage creativity and self-expression.

As a mother myself, I believe the best part about these classes is that while your child is having fun creating, moving and learning about the principles of yoga, you, the parent, get a whole hour to do whatever you please!  Everyone leaves feeling relaxed and refreshed!

*Alison’s Kid Yoga Workshops are available in a number of ways around the Los Angeles Community.  
To request Alison for your next Kids Yoga Event please contactAlison@alisonburmeister.com